U Story


More than 10 years of experience in research industry, UResearch is established based on our passion to bring users close to your business. Our visions and belief come from three Ps.


All research findings have to be implemented in the fast-moving world.


Proactive learn and conduct all methods with love and energy


Respect and work together with clients and users to think big with breakthrough solution

 Our approach


  • Being clear in objectives and expected outcome
  • Situation of all brands in market landscape
  • Possibilities to obtain data and design the best approach to reach insight
  • Design innovative challenge for innovative implementation


  • Uresearch creates value via user-centric approach. It is not just either pure qualitative or quantitative research anymore
  • Uresearch emphasizes on hybrid approach to win over the challenge
  • Uresearch is a research studio that design and discover area exclusively for clients and users to meet each other and share ideas for breakthrough solutions


  • Uresearch finding is the result of collaboration between users and human expert working together. That creates better result and more actionable
  • Unnecessary data will be eliminated to define the unique finding

13 September 2021

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